Physics 1A

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Password: student ID

Instructions for Quest accounts:

Go to click on "Log In"click on "I need a UT EID" Create free account -be sure to include an email in case you need to reset your password -be sure to write down the UT EID that you receive DON'T just click 'logon' Instead, go back to, and then click 'Log on to Quest' click enroll in new course (towards the top left) search for course number. When you find class, request enrollment, and I will have to approve it. Then you should see the assignment. Quest assignments are due are in Texas time, two hours later than here in Eugene.

Logger Pro Graphing Videos

Logger pro 1 Basic Graph
Logger pro 2 non linear curve fit
Logger pro 3 Error Bars and Min max Slope
Logger pro 4 Linearizing data
Logger pro 5 different uncert
Logger pro 6 min max slope method 2

Week Three (9/18 - 9/22)

Monday 9/18

1D Kinematics Notes

Graph Matching Lab
Copy Example Problems from P53 and P55 into NB (label in margins Ex. P53, Ex P55)
P.74-75 # 12, 14, 15, 16, 20
P.79 # 8

Tuesday 9/19

1D Kinematics Notes

Finish Graph Matching Lab


P. 53 #2,3
P. 74 #18, 19, 21, 23
R&S Ch 2.3

Wednesday 9/20

1D Kinematics Notes

Determining "g" on an Incline Lab
P. 56 #3,6
P. 62# 1, 2
P. 63 #2, 4

Thursday 9/21

Finish Determining "g" on an Incline Lab

Copy lecture notes into packet from Asher's website

Create Quest Account


P.62 #3
P.63 #1, 3
P75 # 22, 24, 30
Work on Watermelon & Superman problems
Board Problem 2 Superman ,
Board Problem 3 Watermelon ,

Friday 9/22

Watch Khan Academy videos on Free Fall and Gravity.

Would a Brick or Feather Fall Faster?

Impact Velocity from a Given Height


Work on Quest
Work on Review Sheet
Polish Logger Pro Graphs

Week Two (9/11 - 9/15)

Monday 9/11

Measurement and Uncertainty Lab
HW/NB Check
Short Quiz (open note) Wednesday

Tuesday 9/12


Begin WS 2 , WS 3 , (3 graphs total)
Finish Methods and Tools Review Sheet
Finish Measurement and Uncertainty Lab

Wednesday 9/13

Open Note Quiz (may use packet and review sheet)

Turn in packet and review sheet after quiz.


Polish WS 2/3 and graphs

Thursday 9/14

Begin Motion in One Dimension (1D Kinematics)
pkt 2 Kinematics , review 02 - one d kinematics
Polish WS 2/3 and graphs - Due Friday 9/15
Read Ch 2.1
P.42 #4, 6
P.45 #1, 2, 3
P.73 #5
P.57 #5

Friday 9/14

Continue Motion in One Dimension (1D Kinematics)
Begin Graph Matching Lab


Boy and Girl Running WS problem
Board Problem Boy and Girl Running.pdf
Bring to group-grade 9/18
R&S Ch 2.2

Week One (9/6-9/8)

Wednesday 9/6

Course information

Introductions, Expectations, and Syllabus
Physics Procedures Supplement.pdf
Homework Thoughts
NB info


• Skim Ch 1.1-1.2 as needed
• Buy spiral NB, 3 ring binder
• Read Syllabus, Complete Student Survey & get parent/guardian signature
• Do WS 1 ,
WS 1 Basic Math (key)
Why study physics online assignment due by 11:59pm Sunday 9/10

Thursday 9/7

pkt 1 - methods and tools
review 01 methods and tools


Practice w/ pkt pg4 as needed (not due)


P.31 #11, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
P.22 #2, 3, 4
(review appendix B,C as needed)
Return signed syllabus
Finish Review Sheet by end of Methods and Tools of Physics unit

Friday 9/8


Pkt pg 11 #1-6 (remember, these go in NB)
P.15 #1,2,3,4,5
Bring NB M for check